so i tried watching “sherlock” and like

why is joan watson a guy???

like ew i don’t get it?? why would they turn her into a guy

and a white guy at that

like, i have nothing against men but they can’t have good relationships with each other

and i don’t have anything against white people, i have white friends, but it’s not attractive……… martin freeman isn’t attractive….. he looks like a dog………

Are you serious????! The original Watson in the ACD stories was a man named John Watson. CBS screwed up when they made John into a woman (which they have done before, unfortunately). And I hate to break it to you, but Aurthur Conan Doyle was British, hence, the reason why they (Sherlock and Watson) are of Anglo-saxon descend. And as for your statement, ” men can’t have good relationships with each other,” its quite baffling. Men can and DO have good relationships with each other-it doesn’t have to involve romance at all. Guess friendship among men is rare.

And instead of judging Martin Freeman solely on his acting skills, you choose to judge him based on his appearances-very demeaning of you to do so.

oh my fucking god